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Emergency preparedness is something that is required at every stage of living. No matter where you are, being prepared to face emergencies is always necessary. Emergency alertness is something that is ignored often and not taken seriously. We all live under the impression that our surroundings are so equipped that we can access anything irrespective of the time or place. We forget that staying alert to emergencies is our duty. Now the question arises how we can remain alert and prepared. A good medium to start with is buying an emergency kit and a few extra emergency tools. Having just food and water ready to meet emergencies is not always sufficient. There are other important things too that are to be considered. Tools and generators ready for emergencies are not to be overlooked.

While planning for your emergency, water and food form the very base. Other necessary items like a basic emergency kit and other self defense tools are equally important while facing an emergency.

Tools that may be required during an emergency:

Often we make a mistake thinking that the supply of tools that we have with us are sufficient to meet a crisis. This is only because our anticipation about a crisis usually appears very small in front of the actual crisis when it actually occurs. Therefore being ready in advance with a few tools is smart. So what are the tools that one should have to control a crisis?

- Keeping an adjustable and a pipe wrench is always a good idea. When a natural disaster occurs, a wrench can be used in many ways. It can be used to turn off the gas to protect you and your family against possible gas leakage and a resultant fire. You can also use the wrenches to turn off water lines. - Tools like screwdrivers and pry bars can also useful. At some situations one may also need tools like traffic cones and flares used to clear areas where an accident has happened. - A fireman's axe and a saw are equally beneficial to possess in the event of a fire, tree falls or other grave disasters.

It is not that only your family members may suffer from a crisis but sometimes your neighbors may also seek your help. Hence make sure that your tool kit is well stocked.

Equally important is a generator to use during crisis. During a power failure a home generator is a great asset. A home generator can work as an emergency power source, keeping the refrigerated food cold for quite some hours and provide lights. There are different types of emergency generators that can be bought for facing a crisis. It is good to know about their advantages and disadvantages. Some emergency generator types are discussed as below:

Diesel and Gas Generators: Diesel generators are often used to provide power and light for work sites. Due to their high outputs, some diesel generators are designed to provide total home power

Natural Gas Home Generators: Gas generators can support high power supply and can provide power to an entire house. They generally run on natural gas or liquid propane. Select Circuit: Please note select circuit wiring can provide power to some selected home electric devices (like the furnace and refrigerator) instead of trying to power the entire home.

Being alert and prepared in advance for various emergencies and/or disasters should always be your top priority. Updating and maintaining the right tools for your unique situation is an ongoing task as well.

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Emergency Tools

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This article was published on 2010/11/04